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Get Elixir Training For Your Company

From Chris Bell and Desmond Bowe
hosts of the ElixirTalk podcast and
organizers of the EMPEX Conferences

Corporate Training

Want a customized curriculum tailored to your team? We have led several trainings and worked on numerous production applications. We can skill up your team in all areas of Elixir development, including language features and idioms, application design, OTP principles, tooling, deployment, operations, and more.

Learn from our years of experience! A few days of training can save your team weeks of costly learning as you go.

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Elixir Expertise

We have been embedded in the Elixir community for years. From speaking at conferences to running conferences, organizing meetups, hosting a podcast, publishing blog posts, and managing marketing for the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, we live and breathe Elixir.

Plus, we have hired, run, and trained teams like yours in practical Elixir concepts. Our skills go beyond the purely technical to understand the humans in attendance. Plus, as listeners of our show know, we're a lot of fun to be around :).

Desmond Bowe

Desmond Bowe

Desmond is the Founder of the EMPEX Conference Series, Cohost of the ElixirTalk Podcast, Founding Member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, organizer of the ElixirLA Meetup, and Principal at Crevalle, an Elixir development firm. In his free time he likes to surf, play pinball, and ride his motorcycle, Porco Rosso. He lives in Venice Beach, California.

Chris Bell

Desmond Bowe

Chris is an Englishman in New York, where he works as software Engineer at Muru, a medical communications startup. An avid alchemist and regular conference speaker, he is a Cohost of the ElixirTalk Podcast helps organize the NYC branch of the EMPEX.

Desmond Bowe and Chris Bell have a decade of combined experience programming in Elixir. They have run trainings, helped companies adopt Elixir, built out teams, and put dozens of Elixir apps into production. They're also fun to work with. We love bringing others into the community so come join us!