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From Chris Bell and Desmond Bowe
hosts of the ElixirTalk podcast and
organizers of the EMPEX Conferences

2019 Workshops Postponed!

Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone the entirety of our North American training sessions for 2019 and have refunded all tickets purchased. We’ll be re-scheduling the training again in the near future, potentially with a different theme as we didn’t see the traction that we had hoped with this batch.

If you haven’t heard from us or seen a refund, please email us and we’ll get right back to you.

Chris & Desmond

Desmond Bowe
Chris Bell

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The Elixir Training Blog

Desmond Bowe
Desmond Bowe
July 9, 2019

Why did we start Elixir Training? Because the world needs more Elixir developers and companies using Elixir. This first post lays out our goal of increasing the number of engineers getting paid to write Elixir and how we plan to achieve it.


Desmond Bowe and Chris Bell have a decade of combined experience programming in Elixir. They have run trainings, helped companies adopt Elixir, built out teams, and put dozens of Elixir apps into production. They're also fun to work with. We love bringing others into the community so come join us!